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Head Office

122 Al Tahrir St.
Dokki, Giza
Montasser Construction Send message
Chief Executive Officer
Mostafa Montasser Send message
Chief Investment Officer
Sherif Montasser Send message
Executive Vice President
Ahmed Ibrahim Send message
Chief Engineering Officer
Magdy El Shiaty Send message
Chief Credit Officer
Ahmed Maher Send message
Chief Financial Officer
Mostafa Labib Send message
Chief Interiors Officer
Samia Gaber Send message
Chief Analytics Officer
Magdy Gerges Send message
Chief Legal Officer
Nader Mashhour Send message
Chief Human Resources Officer
Hani Saftawy Send message
Chief Administrative Officer
Eman Farag Send message
Harby Shaaban Send message
Chief Legal Officers
Khaled Abd El Hamid Send message
Chief Security Officer
Samir Mahmoud Send message
Company Secretary
Bahaa El Sheikh Send message
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