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To reduce pollution, noise and vibration from construction activities and vehicles. Montasser Implement a Construction Environment Plan, Mich reduces pollution, noise and vibration from construction activities and vehicles to adjoining neighborhoods, reducing noise and vibration impacts through scheduling and coordination with adjacent construction activities, consider noise barriers Were practicable.
Construction sites are notoriously dirty and noisy. Yet with some forethought, much of the pollution generated and noise associated with construction activities can be averted. This becomes increasingly important as the aging infrastructures and built environment of most countries begins to reach the end of their useful lifespan, and are in need of major renovation or replacement. It is also a critical consideration at the Montasser Construction sites, Where most of the infrastructure and all of the buildings will be new, involving heavy construction phased over several years. For the benefit of those who live and nark nearby, or early occupants of the site, and for the construction workers themselves, every effort needs to be made to make the construction process less wearing, less stressful and quieter.

Our Plan

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Ecomagination puts into practice MC’s belief that financial and environmental performance can work together to drive company growth while taking on some of the world’s biggest challenges. Learn about the MC commitment to products and services that are as economically advantageous as they are ecologically sound, in our Commitment.

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