Health and safety have become one of the most important requirements relevant to the management field nowadays In order to achieve a safe operation ell through. This also calls for a direct connection to human resources end the environmental context and Properties.

Safety &Health Plan: All documented policies, standards, and practices must be Mated to ensure the activities are planned. organized, executed, and maintained to achieve eatery A health requirements. This is done to protect all parties theIn the project. Also, this happens In accordance with the environmental acts and regulations.

Quality: A product, service, or activity’s ability to fulfill specified requirements.

Procedures: Established and documented step-by-step activity to allow the specific tasks to be accomplished.

System: A formalized collection of mutually Coordinated procedures.

System audit: Planned and systemic examination of the systems to ensure that these have been established and followed in compliance with the specifications.

Operator: Refers to the project site.

Contractors: Company, subcontractors. nominated contractors, ..etc other than The main contractor under the coordination of the company’s suppliers.

Operator safety plan: Since the project is in working condition, It already follows a safety plan. It is a must that such a safety plan should be taken Into consideration within the master safety plan of the contracting company.  

We define the responsibility for the following items

  • Monitoring and enforcement of the safety plan.
  • Assignment of a design staff within the organization of the staff Plan.
  • Establishing coordination with the hotel operation safety and visors Staff
  • Issuing daily reports to the higher organization level.
  • Defining the function and responsibility of Personnel responsibilities to monitor the health and safety plan.
  • Describing all duties and responsibilities.
  • Updating the health and safety plan In accordance with the progress or new requirements.

All the project has an acceptable corporate safety policy.

All contractor’s labors are ensured to receive all the preliminary InStructions or training if needed.

All the dangerous activities (steel cutting, RC demolishing, weld macs) must have pre permission and to be done under direct supervision from both the company and the operator with all fire fighting and protection cola precautions and previous work requests for permission.

All areas under renovation have a temporary fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, and fire hoses.

All the external RC and steelwork have full exterior protection to protect the guest at the open-air swimming pool or terraces or the lower floors in working condition.

No smoke at all Inside the site and no gas range.

All debris must be removed from the site on daily basis.

No bare heads or feet.

No labor’s access to any area except the working site.

No labor working with flammables should wear eye protection.

All labor on site must wear a uniform.

All labor on site must carry a visible ID.

All labor on site must wear a dust mask.

All Instructions to the EXIT way In case of emergency must be apparent.

Safety structures are necessary for external work and staff work

All staff telephone numbers are available 24 hours.

Security attendance for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No disturbance activity before 9:00 AM or after 4:00 PM.

All labor must be registered at the security entrance daily.

First Aid kit equipment for accidents are available 24 hours.

A night shift under control with the extra team.

No pollution for the external environment under any circumstances.

General oral description for the health and safety plan.

Health and safety plan must be a referenced document and includes the following:

  • Daily report listing labor.
  • Daily report daily equipment.
  • Daily report daily for work activity permission.
  • Forms for work permission.
  • Plan for the EXIT way In case of emergency.
  • Exit signs.
  • Accidents report.
  • Responsible personnel and emergency
  • telephone line numbers
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