What is MC

Montasser provides building services to institutions that recognize the value of a partner who works diligently and creatively to find the best possible solution for each particular project.

MC has vast experience providing engineering and construction services, in the Middle East and North Africa. MC focused on major complex, public, and residential projects for both private, public and governmental customers. MC provides infrastructure works that include electromechanical, networks, roads, landscaping….etc. MC has expanded its focus to include construction and renovation services for luxury buildings, five-star hotels, and resorts, five-star floating hotels, and movie theaters.






To our Investors, Customers, Communities, and Stakeholders:

In 2010, our core business—Montasser Construction—celebrates the 80th anniversary of its incorporation, a period in which we’ve helped shape the evolution of Egypt’s communities, economy, and environment.

This role continues today.

As a developer, constructor, contractor, and so much more with Montasser Investment, in service of the community, Montasser will continue to be at the center of the environmental, economic, and social dynamics that will shape Egypt & the Middle East in the next hundred years.

Inevitably, the scope and nature of our business will continue to bring us face to face with choices in these areas that are profoundly important.

Our responsibility is to understand and balance these choices in ways that meet our business objectives, respect our stakeholders, and exemplify the values and principles we embrace.

More now than at any time, our performance and our character are being judged by stakeholders based on how we are meeting this challenge in total, rather than any single facet of it. They recognize—as we do—that, as we make the choices necessary to achieve that balance, our decisions have ramifications that affect their interests.

We share this information out of the desire to be responsive to our stakeholders, a strong commitment to accountability and transparency, and a belief that communicating our performance in these areas is one of the best ways to give stakeholders an understanding of our character and culture as a company.

That character and culture are defined by:

    • Putting the health and safety of our employees and the public first—never doing a job if it can’t be done safely.
    • Treating employees, customers, neighbors, business partners, and each other the way we would want to be treated—honestly, respectfully, ethically, and fairly.
    • Striving to deliver returns that make investors want to put their capital and confidence in our company.
    • Working to have a minimal impact on our natural environment and to leave it the same or better than we found it, if possible.
    • Providing investors full and accurate disclosure of financial and corporate governance information.
    • Valuing the diversity of our communities and fostering it in our workforce and among our suppliers.
    • Partnering with and giving back to our communities through philanthropy and volunteer efforts.

We also know our performance is not without room to do better. We continue to discuss both successes and areas where we continue to look to improve. Since the year 2007, we have launched a multiyear effort to transform our operations to deliver better, faster, and more cost-effective service. As this process goes on till this day and hopefully for decades to come, we are ever mindful of the importance of corporate responsibility as a prerequisite for success. We will continue to dedicate our resources and attention to maintaining leadership in this area.

Thank you for your continuing interest in Montasser, MC & MI. Your feedback on our performance is always welcome, and we hope you will share it with us.

VMVST at Montasser

At Montasser, we’ve got our priorities in check. A Vision for our future, a Mission that defines what we are doing, Values that shape our actions, Strategies that zero in on our key success approaches, and Tactics, goals, and action plan to guide our daily, weekly, and monthly actions.

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