Montasser Talk

Montasser, in partnership with Eturn Management Solutions, utilizes Montasser Talkie to provide unparalleled project management services in addition to exceptional real-time project team communications. By providing data management and document management from a single location, accessible to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime all parties involved in the design and construction process can communicate faster with increased accuracy and accountability.

Montasser Talk enables Montasser staff and project team partners to collaborate and access project data over the Internet using only a secure browser connection, with no need for costly hardware or complicated software installations. Features such as the ability to upload, review, and print project documents not only increase efficiency but also reduce administrative costs.

Since its launch in July 2007, Montasser Talk has grown to over 100 named users, working together on projects and building programs ranging from less than $1 million to over $50 million dollars.

Our software is hosted on a slate of the art hardware in a secure Qwest data center, coupled with the fact that the data is secured while traversing public networks using 128 bit SSL data and Citrix RC5 encryption making Montasser Talk one of the most secure web-based project management systems available.

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